It's time we had a new skate park in Tewkesbury


Teenagers from Tewkesbury School have decided to make a stand and get a new skate park for Tewkesbury.

Pump 17 (Skate Park Youth Committee) was founded on 12 October 2017 by 10 students from Tewkesbury School with two objectives. The first is to improve their local skate park in Priors Park and ultimately to have a new skate park for Tewkesbury. The average age of our group is 14 years old.

Who Are Pump 17?

Current committee members;

Miles Rendell (Chair)
Braiden Fellows
Ethan Whybrow (Secretary)
Mason Rendell (Vice Chair)
Bobby Pepperell
Jacob Burke
Charlie Bowery
George Liddell
Michelle Sikorska
Raife Sanghera-Hodges