It's time we had a new skate park in Tewkesbury

Pump17 Skate Park Research

Skate Park Research Day – by Miles Rendell
On 25th of October 11 boys toured around the county to different skate parks to research what we would like here in Tewkesbury.

Our first stop was Pittville skate park in Cheltenham. Pittville skate park was very big and a lot of room for us all to scoot but the floor was not smooth and didn’t feel particularly nice scooting on. Around the skate park is a big play park for kids and tennis court. It has a car park and shops.  The skate park was clean and tidy and had two bins but they were outside the skate park.

Our second stop was Brockworth skate park located in Brockworth. This skate park was made up of 4 quarter pipes, a box and a spine. The skate park was metal. Brockworth skate park wasn’t too big and was quite crowded. The skate park was next to a main road with a little passage way into it.

Churchdown skate park is based in Churchdown in Gloucester and was probably our favourite out of all. Churchdown is made up of concrete and is very big and spacious. The skate park has a big car park and a kids play park surrounding it. It also has the Churchdown council offices next to it. The skate park is clean and tidy and had one bin.

Gloucester skate park is located in the city of Gloucester and is fairly big. Around the skate park it has a big park, a big field for outside activities but was located by the main road. The skate park was tidy and not much litter was on the floor. The skate park had a few bins to help keep it tidy. You could keep a skate park like this maintained by installing cameras. To keep it tidy we could arrange weekly litter picks around the area.

Pump 17 thoughts….
I think we have decided that at Link Road we would like a pro box and two quarter pipes. If we have enough space, we would also be grateful for a spine with two quarter pipes. I think having these new ramps installed will attract new people into Tewkesbury and inspire new people to start riding.

So the 11 of us got to all these skate parks on a Tewkesbury School minibus and we are very thankful for them letting us use that. It was a very good day that lasted roughly 6 hours we had lots of laughs and a lot of fun. Special thank you’s to Gavin Preedy and Patt for making the day possible and thank you to everyone else who attended.


Some images from the research day