It's time we had a new skate park in Tewkesbury

Rhino Meeting

On 17 November the majority of the committee, along with other riders, met with a representative of Rhino Skatepark Systems to discuss individual ideas and develop a plan of what we wish to have built at Priors Park Skate Park (PPS), as a short-term solution of our campaign.

Overall the meeting went well, in the sense that we came to an agreement on what we wish to have built at PPS, however arguments were apparent and were rather embarrassing at times. So those responsible were spoken to there and then. We began by measuring what space we are working with, and concluded that we have, a length of 27m, the width of 20m (end nearest the hospital) and 15m (end nearest the River). As well as the area which the half pipe sits on. These measurements were of the already tarmacked area.

We have agreed on the following ramps/materials:

  • A Roll In ramp (so that it is also available for the use of wheelchair users.) with measurements of 4.5m deep, 2.4m wide and 1.5m high.
  • A Quarter Pipe with measurements of 3.2m deep, 2.4m wide and 1.5m high.
  • A Box, with a flat bank at the top, a curved approach (like a quarter pipe), and an incline approach (like the current box)
  • A Spine which will be next to the box (3.3m x 2.5m) Giving the width of the box and the spine of 6.5m.
  • A Grind box which will be 0.3m high x 1.2m wide x 2.4m long.

We should be hearing back from Rhino soon, in regards to the price for, materials and labour costs, but we have been advised to try and find a cheaper alternative to re-tarmac the area, but the price for the tarmac from Rhino will also be included anyway, so we can decide on who to go to for the re-surfacing of the area. We will also need to go to the Council to ask for some benches and bins for the park, and ensure that the bins will be included in the weekly rubbish collection.

Ben Thomas (16)